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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 2011

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December 2011 - Table of Contents

Vol. 35, No. 4
Winter 2011

Wang Fengming on Training for Push Hands and Fighting
He presents an interesting series of exercises with many photos intended to improve understanding and skill in push hands and fighting.

William C. C. Chen on The Role of Fingers in Tai Chi
He discusses important points for improving punches using the whole body.

Gregory Fong on 8 Standards of Correct Practice
In the second part of an article begun in the September issue, he explains key issues in practice.

Improving the Quality of Push Hands
Yang Guo Jing says the essence of Tai Chi push hands is like surfing—flexible and well balanced.

Neutralization Techniques for Sparring and Push Hands
David X. Swenson and David Longsdorf discuss counterpoints that can be used to neutralize an opponent.

Foundation Work and Theory in Taiji
Rose Oliver and Wang Ming Bo discuss Yu Huan Zhi’s treatise on Taiji’s Inner Principles.

Letter to the Editor

A Remembrance of Robert W. Smith

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