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    Tai Chi for Arthritis Workshop
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    Hunyuan Tai Chi Workshop with Chen Xiang
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  • October 29th
    Hunyuan Tai Chi Workshop with Chen Xiang
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Yang Style Tai Chi ball

By Jiang Jian-ye. He teaches a 13-form method said to be one of the surviving parts of Yang Lu-Chan's system.

Editor's Notebook

September 2012 - Editor's Notebook

Teachers teach in many different ways and students similarly learn in different ways. Chen Zhaopi's memorial article mentioned that Chen Zhaopi spent many years in different parts of China teaching the Chen style Tai Chi.


The Magazine

T'AI CHI Magazine has a loyal following of readers, many of whom have been subscribers from its first issue. Published since 1977, T'AI CHI continues to provide an exchange of information and ideas as well as news of activities in the T'ai Chi Ch'uan community. The articles include interviews with experts about the philosophy behind internal martial arts as well as the nuts and bolts of correct, productive practice, including the ways to improve internal energy and strength. T'AI CHI magazine has developed gradually from a four-page newsletter to its present format of 68 pages on glossy paper with four-color printing and distribution on newsstands in the U.S. and other countries, in addition to the growing number of subscribers from all over the world.

Here are some of the many unsolicited remarks by readers of T'AI CHI Magazine who wrote in to express their appreciation:

T'ai Chi Insights

Bataan Fagao on Cheng Man-Ching: As I was driving Lao Shr (Cheng Man-Ch'ing) home, he expounded on the secret of Tai Chi Chuan, using these very simple and precise terms: Push as if your feet were your hands. Keep the Yin and Yang in your feet. Every part of the feet is relaxed. The following of the feet gathers the energy from the earth. The hands would only touch the opponent. If he moves fast, move fast. If he moves slow move slow. Take space away from him then attack.

One never really wills a push. This must distinguished from intention. Intention is an objective idea. Trying to push implies mind, desire.--T'AI Chi,  April, 1984.